Experience The Complete Line-up of Shift Concentrates!

Our classic Wax concentrate delivers maximum flavor. Our Sugar Wax contains the highest quality terpenes and the Shift Shatter is known for its clarity and efficacy. No matter which one you chose, you’ll be ready for your next adventure.

“Dedicated to fueling your freedom to explore, we create products built for your next adventure.”​

Flavor. Potency. Consistency.

Staples of Shift’s array of concentrates. It all starts with the first ingredient. We have a clean and through extraction process using only the best source material. The end result is an exceptional product that is safe and free from dangerous additives. 


Shift’s diamonds have
spectacular color and
wonderful clarity that will
make your eyes widen
and mouth water with
their richly unique aroma,
showcasing each flower's best


It’s been said that our live badder
has a “fabulous creamy texture.”
That combined with distinctive
aromatic notes and next-level
effect provide a
smile-inducing experience!


Textuzred, semi-soft,
and with a glistening
layer of sauce, our sugars
are cured over time and
stirred evenly to ensure
a deliciously delightful and
dank dab with every taste
from the jar!

Best Quality

Our extraction process is performed with industry-grade butane that is 99.9% pure, resulting in a clean, consistent, safe experience, every time.

Where Can I Purchase Shift Products?

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