Our flower is cultivated with a genuine spirit of adventure, in a world-class, one of a kind facility located on a 200 acre ranch in Ridgway, Colorado.  Sustained by the Uncompaghre River, fed from San Juan Mountain snowmelt, our people, our plants, and our dreams live in Mother Nature’s true nourishment.

We have a geothermal cooling system and 100% of our runoff is captured from the facility, we return the water cleaner than we found it - using it to irrigate the ranch and returning it to the river.


Purchasing wholesale, you have two options; order the top-shelf and hope there is enough supply, or buy the big supply and hope it’s decent quality product. We’ve run dispensaries, we know the pain. Shift has changed the game - small batch quality with big-time production capacity.


Grownetics AI Cultivation platform that collects over 2 billion data points per year, allowing full facility control to adjust environments to ideal conditions for specific cultivars.