Attention adventures, wanders, and general go-getters Shift Pre-Rolls were made just for you!

The Prefect Pre-Roll

Each branded Shift Pre-Roll pack comes with five 1g pre-rolls.
Never worry about damaging your Pre-Rolls again.


Water Resistant


Best Quality

With quality and safety as our top priority, we cultivate buds specifically for Shift pre-rolls, so that you always get the best experience. At every step of the cultivation process attention to detail, modern science and technology along with traditional agriculture techniques ensure the best possible flower. That’s what you’ll find in Shift pre-rolls. Best of all, they come in a water-resistant durable five pack. Perfect for any adventure…The lawyers make us tell you right here that you can never use any of our products and operate anything with a steering wheel or handlebars. You have to be a responsible consumer. It’s part of the deal.

Where Can I Purchase Shift Products?

Find our dispensary partners by putting in your zip code below and Shift into high gear.

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